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Established Patients

TeleHealth visits are now available for many routine management, followup, and refill visits.  Some illness, injury, and sick visits may also be conducted via TeleHealth.

Visits during COVID may be conducted by video-phone or by telephone as appropriate.

New Patients

If you have not been to Family Medical Center before, certain New Patient visits may be conducted by TeleHealth. Complex medical histories and medication evaluations may require an office visit. 

Please call the office for advice if you are a new patient that would like to be considered for a TeleHealth visit. 


During this COVID containment period, most insurance carriers cover TeleHealth visits as a standard visit including copays and deductibles.  Patients that do not have insurance may be asked to pay for Telehealth services at the time of appointment scheduling or after the visit. 


Most prescriptions and refills will be sent electronically to your preferred pharmacy at the time of your TeleHealth appointment.  Make sure to let us know if you have changed your preferred pharmacy 


TeleHealth visits can be conducted through smart-phone teleconferencing apps or standard telephone communications. Some visits may require a visual evaluation through teleconferencing or photos being forwarded.

Insurance Changes

We ask that you let us know if there has been a change in your insurance.  You will be responsible for payment according to standard practice policies.

Sick Visits

Many minor illnesses can be evaluated by TeleHealth. Others such as fever, difficulty breathing, and many neurological symptoms may require an office visit to be scheduled for an appropriate evaluation. 

Injuries / Pain

New and longstanding pay may be evaluated by TeleHealth, but also require a clinic visit for full evaluation.  Certain types of pain that may require imaging may require an office visit.  Worker's Comp visits for pain can't be conducted by TeleHealth.