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Dr. Zincone & Dan

We welcome you and your family to Family Medical Center.  It's been our pleasure to take care of the medical needs of our patients for over twenty years.  We will make efforts to offer our medical care focused on your needs and wishes.  In circumstances where we cannot provide the care you need, we will make appropriate referrals to ensure you get the best care.

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Dean Zincone, MD
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Dan Thull, PA-C

Family Doctors Seguin Physician Assistant


Nancy, Amy, Pam

Nancy and Amy are licensed nurses that will see and assist you in your care and follow-up.  They will be happy to answer questions as they work with you during your visit and ongoing healthcare needs.

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Nicole, Melissa & Barbara

Our front desk staff will make appointments as well as welcome you to each visit. Upon arrival, they will work with you through registration, insurance issues, and check-out.  Our Office Manager, Barbi, is available tto handle the complexities of insurance and billing. 

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